artificial grass winter
When you’ve made the investment in artificial grass, you want to make sure that it continues to look great and give you the garden you wanted. With the colder months fast approaching, here are a few helpful tips on how to clean artificial grass throughout the winter which were first published on Get rid of snow and ice on your artificial lawn by:
  • Sweeping away a light dusting of snow
  • Shovelling away heavy snow with a plastic shovel
  • Allowing ice to melt naturally
What tools do I need?
  • Broom or rake
  • Plastic shovel
In the colder months, you may see a slow build-up of frost, ice and snow on your grass so you may want to consider removing surface snow and ice if you want to still make use of your outdoor space – which is much easier with artificial grass as there is no chance of ruining your lawn with mud as the snow or ice melts. Removing a light dusting of snow. Sweep away the snow with a brush or broom, pushing it into one corner where you can collect it with a plastic shovel. Removing several inches of snow. Remove the top layer of snow carefully with a plastic shovel. A metal shovel should not be used as it can damage the artificial grass. Make sure you’re not too heavy-handed with the shovel as you could damage the artificial turf underneath. Leave behind around one inch of snow that can be swept away with a brush. Removing ice. Avoid temptation to remove the ice manually, either with a shovel or with salt. Instead, wait until the ice has melted naturally. Your lawn is made to be lived on, so it’s inevitable that spills and stains will happen. Deal with them quickly with these effective artificial grass cleaning methods – and carry out regular maintenance to keep it looking good for years to come. The full article can be read on Do you need more help with how to clean artificial grass or keeping other areas of your garden looking good throughout the winter and beyond? The Bernie’s Gardening Services team provide garden maintenance to homes and businesses throughout Guernsey all year round – contact us for a quote and get your garden looking just the way you want it! We are also able to fit artificial grass in your garden so you can have a lush-looking lawn constantly – contact us to find out more.