why decking is so popular

Last month we published an article originally posted on gripsure.co.uk on why decking is so popular when it comes to gardens, and here are a few more reasons why you may want to consider it for yours…

On average decking is cheaper than paving
Of course, prices of paving slabs and decking boards vary enormously. However, on average it costs less to build a deck than a patio. Remember that cheap does not always mean good value. Choosing the lowest priced decking boards might save you money initially but could cost you more in the long term if they need to be replaced. Choosing non-slip decking will also give you more value out of your outdoor space. Because it does not get slippery in wet or icy weather, anti-slip decking will help you enjoy your garden all year round.

Decking works in any garden
From the smallest courtyard to a country estate, decking has a place in any garden. Whether yours is small, a funny shape or on a slope, chances are there’s a deck to suit it. Decking boards are far easier to cut than paving slabs so a deck can generally be built to fit in any space. If you need a deck for a small space or even a balcony, decking tiles might be the perfect solution.

It’s durable and long-lasting
Your decking should provide you with many years of outdoor enjoyment. Boards made from strong, high quality timber, such as European Redwood pine or bamboo, are extremely durable and, with the right installation, fixtures and fixings (as well as a little care) will be long lasting.

It’s ideal for outdoor living
Despite the practical considerations of cost and installation, most of us choose decking simply because we want to enjoy our gardens more. A deck instantly creates an outdoor living space that’s perfect for al fresco dining, entertaining friends and relaxing with loved ones. As we all learn to adapt to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, it’s hard to exaggerate the benefits of having a space that allows you to live well outdoors. Perhaps the main reason why decking is so popular is that we all want to get more out of life – and that includes getting more out of our gardens.

You can read the full article on gripsure.co.uk

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