Why decking is so popular

Despite the current cold weather, many of us are looking forward to what we will be able to do in our gardens once the weather gets a little warmer. If you’re unsure, we found this article which looks at reasons why decking is so popular in gardens which may help you consider whether to have it installed…

1. The beauty of timber garden decking
Wood has a timeless natural beauty. As well as being aesthetically stunning, high quality timber decking will also feel good underfoot and bring a natural atmosphere to your garden.You will be faced with many options when considering garden decking. Do your research to make sure you choose timber that meets your needs in terms of aesthetics, durability and environmental sustainability.

2. It’s easy to install
One of the reasons decking remains so popular is that it quickly and easily transforms a garden. Compared to laying a patio, garden decking is relatively straightforward to install. However, make sure you understand what is involved and consider hiring a professional gardener to install your deck if you are unsure.

3. High quality garden decking adds value to a property
Garden decking is often a very smart investment. Because it creates a more usable living space, property experts say it can add up to 10 percent on the value of a home. It goes without saying that decking disasters, done on the cheap without proper planning, will not add value to a property. Choose high quality timber decking and make sure it is properly installed to achieve the best result.

4. It’s low maintenance
A deck is ideal for a low maintenance garden that fits with a busy lifestyle. Once installed, you should be able to enjoy your decking for years to come. Unlike a lawn, there’s no mowing and it should need less cleaning than a patio.

5. It helps zone a garden
Garden zoning means creating different areas in one garden. For example, you might create a peaceful seating area in a quiet corner and another space for children or grandchildren to play. Garden zoning has become more relevant than ever. During the pandemic, our gardens have become our gyms, our pubs, occasionally our offices and even our holiday destinations. Installing a deck instantly creates a new zone in a garden. It could be positioned at a different level from the rest of your outdoor space. Perhaps you will accessorise it with lighting, furniture and carefully chosen potted plants to create a particular vibe. Think about what you want your deck to be: somewhere for alfresco dining, a peaceful spot to sit and daydream or a practical space for the family to get together. This will help you identify the best location for your deck and the look and feel you want to achieve.

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