garden design guernsey

Now the warm weather is behind us, do you feel disappointed with the lack of progress you have made with your garden? Perhaps you had grand plans but a lack of time and, perhaps, motivation halted you making any headway? The team at Bernie’s Gardening Services completely understand that, often, day-to-day life and chores can get in the way of making improvements in both your home and garden but that’s where we can help! Our garden design skills are second to none and can help you fulfill all your outdoor dreams.

As we’re all going to be spending less time in our gardens as the winter months are upon us, you may be ignoring your outside space, however, this is a great time to get planning and decide what it is you want to do outside and how you want your garden to work for you.

Experienced landscape gardeners such as our team can give invaluable advice to ensure your garden – no matter what size – works for you and your family. It’s worth considering what you want to use your outdoor space for – perhaps an outdoor dining area, a place to show off your BBQ’ing skills or somewhere to top up your tan when the sun allows? Maybe you just want an overhaul so you can crack on with an area to express your green fingers or grow your own salad and vegetables? Whatever your crave for your garden, we can help you plan and get things moving.

Contact the team today for a free quote and help with your garden design and make sure the next time the weather allows, you’ll be able to head outside and enjoy the space you have!