Garden maintenance from Bernie's Gardening Services
Every sat there and dreamed of how your ideal garden would look? Do you wish your patchy lawn was luscious and green? Could you picture yourself enjoying the summer sun while dinising alfresco ona perfectly laid patio? If so, give Bernie’s Gardening Services a call and let us help you with your Guernsey garden design.Guernsey Garden Design from Bernie's Gardening Services Recently, our team transformed a large garden in Guernsey into an outdoor space anyone would be thrilled to look out onto. To start, we had to move several tens of tons of soil – not the easiest in the recent warm weather! We then built two walls with slippers before creating a top garden patio to really make the most of the amazing view on offer. Two sets of steps were then beautifully laid around the slippers setup and we designed one long bottom patio, a BBQ area using mapex and gravel before adding a gravelled flower area at the top, with a round hole for a jacuzzi with slippers around It. The whole Guernsey garden design and working to make the design a reality was hard work, but when you see the finished garden, we’re sure you’ll agree that the hard work really has paid off! Guernsey garden design success Take a look at the video below and see what you think. If you like what you see  and would like to find out more about our Guernsey garden design and how we can transform your outdoor space, get in touch and let us come and give you a free quote! Find out more about the other services offered by Bernie’s Gardening Services: Landscaping Garden Maintenance Garden Fencing