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We recently published five patio design ideas to help inspire you and here are five more, originally published on which you may find interesting…

1. Consider circular patio ideas
Depending on the style of your garden and the space you’ve got to play with, a rounded patio can deliver a stunning focal point. A circular layout creates the opportunity for a natural centrepiece, be it a barbecue area or vintage firepit, which you can surround with furniture and planters accordingly. Think a curved rattan sofa, perhaps, or a central rounded garden table to blend seamlessly into the garden aesthetic.

2. Create ambience with patio lighting
Lighting can really transform your outdoor space – but as with any garden fixture or accessory, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. A lot of patio wall ideas feature quality lighting arrangements which are perfect for creating an intimate and atmospheric setting when the sun goes down, or for adding a sense of drama by emphasising the shadows and natural shapes of your garden design. Lighting up steps and paths is both practical and pretty, with spotlights allowing you to focus light wherever you want it to create the desired effect. Choose low-energy LEDs as a resourceful but durable choice, or even incorporate solar-powered torches to ramp up your space’s after-dark appeal.

3. Use wood as a central patio design feature
Utilising a wooden look as a central feature of your design brings an eye-catchingly natural, earthy feel to your patio. It’s versatile, too, and will enrich any area of a garden, from an outdoor dining space to pathways. However, as far as paver patio ideas go, genuine wood flooring is not a durable solution, with timber highly vulnerable to warping, rotting and degradation.
If you’re short on space, plank paving can also make areas seem larger – an optical illusion produced by the long and thin strips. Offering excellent anti-slip performance, this new range of faux-wood patio slab ideas is making the wooden look as practical as it is attractive to look at.

4. Remember less is more: small patio ideas
You don’t have to live in a castle to bring a stunning garden design to your home. Small patio garden ideas needn’t be small in stature so, even if your property is small, there are ways to make your petite patch of green space fit for a king. Using a mix of paving block sizes help create an extra sense of space, as well as an interesting design concept. Focus on selecting the right style and size of items to suit your layout, from smaller planters to adaptable corner furniture, and you can make the most of the space you have.

5. Form a hybrid patio
If you’re finding it hard to choose between all these options, don’t worry – you may not have to. Combining a couple or more of the different design concepts listed above can give you the best of all worlds and produce a garden patio that’s a personalised patchwork of every pattern and material you love. Indeed, most patio designs will incorporate at least a couple of fundamental styles, from multi-level patterning to natural and bold contrast paving.

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