garden maintenance How much is our garden maintenance package?

Garden maintenance is perfect for this time of year. Summer is approaching! Is your garden looking horrible and messy? Contact Bernie’s Gardening Services and get started with your garden maintenance for the season! In the meantime, here are 5 things your garden will need if you haven’t maintained it in a while.

5 Tips For Garden Maintenance compost bin

1. Make a Composting Area – If you haven’t already done this, you should! now is a great time to do so! A composting area allows you to dispose of all your organic waste, once it has broken down, use it for your plants. Ensure to have a mix of grass, vegetable peelings, paper and small bits of wood i.e twigs and small branches.

water butt 5 Tips For Garden Maintenance

2. Get a Water Butt – This is to collect rainwater all year round. Collecting rainwater is a way to be environmentally friendly when your garden needs watering during these hot and sunny days approaching. Also this is the best type of water to use on your plants because tap water is slightly alkaline. Place the water butt underneath a down-pipe.

garden pest 5 Tips For Garden Maintenance

3. Remove Garden Pests – Check your plants for any slugs, snails and ant colonies. Also, make sure last years pots are cleared and look for any white-vine weevil larvae which live in compost and feed on the roots of your plants. You can buy treatment for this type of pest, click here.

flower bed 5 Tips For Garden Maintenance

4. Tidy up Flower Beds – Remove any leaves, twigs and other debris. Also cut the old growth, clear the borders until the soil is clear from debris, put all the dead growth into a compost bin (if you have one) or just make a pile. Remove weeds and either throw them in your brown bin or burn them; do not put these in your compost pit as the seeds will sprout, this will cause you extra garden maintenance!

summer flowers 5 Tips For Garden Maintenance

5.  Buy summer flowering bulbs and seeds – Flowers like lilies and gladioli is great for planting during the early-spring, but its still not too late! Make your garden colourful and full of life ready for the summer!

Need garden maintenance services in Guernsey? Anything your garden needs, we can help. See more about our Garden Services.