January gardening maintenance tips bird box on tree trunk

With Christmas over and almost a whole week into the new year, we came across these helpful January gardening maintenance tips from GardenersWorld.com – take a look and see what helpful suggestions they may have to get your garden organised, ready for Spring and to ensure you keep on top of your garden maintenance…

  • Top up bird baths with fresh water daily and melt ice with warm water on frosty days;
  • Repair wobbly or damaged fences, and treat wooden structures with preservative during dry spells;
  • Give your lawn mower a basic service or take it to a dealer for maintenance, while it’s not in use;
  • Put up bird boxes in sheltered spots, on tree trunks, sheds or walls, well before the nesting season begins;
  • Clean and sharpen your tools, including hoes, secateurs and shears, and spray metal tools with oil;
  • Sprinkle an all-purpose fertiliser along the base of hedges and around shrubs;
  • Trim back ivy, Virginia creeper and other climbers that have outgrown their space, before birds start nesting;
  • Provide high-energy food for birds to help them through the winter months;
  • Clear soggy leaves, algae and moss from paths, patios, decking and steps;
  • Dig over any gaps in borders, removing the roots of perennial weeds;
  • Give empty pots and seed trays a thorough scrubbing ready for the start of the sowing season;
  • Remove debris from shed and greenhouse guttering, so winter rain can fill up your water butts;
  • Clean out and scrub bird feeders regularly to maintain hygiene.

You can read the full article on gardenersworld.com

The team at Bernie’s Gardening Services are always on hand to assist with your outdoor space throughout the year in Guernsey and can suggest more January garden maintenance tips to help improve your garden. Why not contact our team today to see how we can help?