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A greenhouse can be such a major part of any garden – just the ability to grow your plants and vegetables, and protect them from the elements outside. You may have an old greenhouse in your garden which could do with some TLC and these top tips for greenhouse restoration published on will help you get it up to scratch!

Make Everything Water Tight
There is nothing quite like pottering in a greenhouse when the rain is coming down outside, so making everything watertight has to be a priority. If you measure up the sizes of panes you need to replace those that are broken and missing, local glaziers will cut new ones to size.

Check and Clean the Existing Glass
When checking the panes that have survived the weather and errant footballs, look out for brittle glass and panes that have dropped down. Make sure panes are securely attached and check for missing bolts and clips. Give the glass a good clean with warm, soapy water. This clears the glass so that more sun can get in, and also helps kill off any pests and disease that are lurking. Remember to change the water regularly so that you’re not just re-spreading the dirty stuff back onto the nice, sparkly glass.

Inspect Frame and Base of the Old Greenhouse
Spend some time inspecting the greenhouse frame, especially where it meets the base. Look out for holes that will allow pests to sneak in as well as create a draft around your plants.

Clear Up the Greenhouse
Having a jolly good tidy up is important too. Greenhouses can easily get messy, and old pots, dead plants, and other redundant stuff will also provide a home for pests and disease. Slugs and snails love nothing more than hiding in the nooks and crannies before venturing out to munch on seedlings after dark. Dispose of anything you don’t need and wash down everything you do.

Think About the Layout of the Greenhouse
Whilst you’re fixing up your greenhouse, it’s a good idea to have a think about how you want to arrange everything. When I repaired my previous greenhouse, I found it was heavy on bench space. I didn’t need all the space for what I was doing, so I took a section out and used the area for growing instead. Somewhere to hang tools is always useful, and you might want a couple of shelves to store pots and other gear.

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Did you find these top tips for greenhouse restoration useful and fancy doing something with the old greenhouse taking up room in your garden but don’t have the time to make it into something more usable? Bernie’s Gardening Services provide a Greenhouse Restoration service where we can make your tired, old greenhouse like new. If it’s not for you, we can also demolition it. Contact us today for a free quote – then all you need to do is plan what you’re going to grow in there!