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As well as lights, there are so many other ways that you can get your garden Christmas ready. We came across some ideas in an article originally published on which gives some great ideas to get your garden looking festive. Take a look at some of the Christmas garden ideas below…

Create a ‘holiday bench’ – If you have a bench in your garden or on your front porch, bedeck it in lights, decorations, and winter greenery to create a focal point, perfect for holiday photo shoots. You can even decorate a backless garden bench with a dusting of fake snow and glitter.

Plant a massive Christmas tree – Out of all of our outdoor Christmas decoration ideas, this one has got to be our favourites. Plant a fir, pine, or other evergreen tree in your front garden in order to be reminded of Christmas all year round. Then, in the festive season, you can bedeck it in lights and large scale baubles for a truly magical garden centrepiece. Your whole neighbourhood will appreciate the effort!

Wrap your fences and lampposts with garland – Why not add garland or even wide velvet ribbons instead of or as well as lights?

Flowers can be holiday perfection – While we tend to think of dark green leaves at Christmas, many winter flowers are also festive this time of year. Place stunning poinsettias in your windows, or lining your steps.
Give your window boxes and planters a holiday boost – Sprinkle your window boxes with candy canes, faux snowballs, baubles, and wooden toys.

Decorate your garden with ‘upcycled’ holiday decorations – You might have more Christmassy decorations around your home than you think. After all, many objects have a holiday feeling. Think about a red wagon filled with wrapped presents (use glossy foiled wrapping paper), an old pair of skies or snowshoes leaning against the wall, or even wellies filled with candy canes – they all evoke the season!

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We hope you found these Christmas garden ideas useful! You can find more garden ideas and suggestions on our gardening blog page throughout the year.