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Fire pits are becoming more and more popular as a place to gather and catch up with friends as the heat means we can stay outside until later on in the year than we used to. When it comes to landscape design, however, are you looking into the best place in your design to locate yours? The following article was first published on and looks at a few of the factors you may wish to consider when it comes to your landscape design and fire pit…

While the style of outdoor fire pit you choose is an important consideration, the same can be said for the positioning of this landscape feature. Before you land on a backyard destination, consider these three elements.

The conversation around fire pit safety begins with its location. Generally, fire pits should be situated a minimum of 10 feet away from nearby structures (including your home and neighbors’ fences) as well as surrounding trees and shrubs that could ignite if contact occurs. However, it’s important to note local laws will dictate the exact minimum distance from structures and should be consulted before install. This applies to both wood-burning fire pits and propane fire pits.

Consider the Surface of the Location

Another factor to consider in the safety of an outdoor fire pit is the surface on which it is built. It’s critical that outdoor fire pits are installed on a flat, even surface versus a sloped one, such as a patchy area of grass in your backyard. Ideally, the surface should consist of patio pavers, which are recognized for their durability as well as their ability to withstand the extreme heat of flames.

Consider the Functionality of the Fire Pit

Generally speaking, fire pits are added to backyards for entertainment purposes — whether it’s a place to cozy up with friends on a cool night or roast marshmallows with family after dinner. To this end, you might want to install a fire pit near your outdoor kitchen or pool house, to name a few examples, as a way to extend this backyard socializing. Just be sure to leave enough room between the structures to ensure safety and to give guests space to comfortably move around.

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