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Do you look out at your garden patio and wish it was more inviting? Do you envy those homes you visit who have done something just a little different with their outdoor space that makes a big impact? There are many garden patio features you can consider to give your garden the “WOW” factor – here are just a few suggestions you may want to consider which we found on…

Statement pieces are common inside. We all have feature walls equipped with intricate tiling or bespoke fireplaces and so on, but our gardens generally do not get the same treatment. In order to really bring some life into your patio or garden room, we have a few suggestions.

Garden Mirrors: Flooding your space with light is a must – especially if you have a smaller garden. Perspex mirrors are shatter-resistant and 17 times stronger than glass.

Water Features: Perhaps this is too adventurous for many, but if your garden is particularly large or lacking that extra oomph, why not add a water feature? A fountain or rock display can really add extra depth to the garden.

Colour: Colour is your best friend when it comes to designing outdoor spaces. Nature is full of bright and beautiful colours, including rich magentas and glaring yellows. Add some colour to your patio design or garden with additional artwork or simply plant some more unusual flower arrangements.

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