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In our homes, we all know that when the days start to get slightly warmer, then we all look to getting our homes in order with a good spring clean. But have you ever thought about getting your paving ready for winter? By preparing it for the winter months, you could help  avoid any injuries from ice and be more organised when the spring months come along! Here are a few handy hints from Bernie’s Gardening Services to help you prepare your paving for the cold weather…
  1. Paving winter ready Garden maintenance and patios Bernie's Gardening Services garden designer GuernseyFirstly, remove all your pot plants and garden furniture – storing them safely away in a shed or garage will not only help keep them safe from the elements, but will also give you a blank canvas for getting the ground cleaned up and ready for winter;
  2. Remove any weeds and moss in your paving – this will not only help reduce any damage freezing weather may have on your paving but also when wet, they can become very slippery so removing them will help avoid any nasty accidents;
  3. Sweep up any debris and leaves etc left on the ground;
  4. Jet wash your paving or use a paving cleaner to remove any dirt and marks – you’d be amazed at the difference this makes! 
  5. Replace any sand or mortar that may have been removed during the washing process.
  By following these handy tips, we hope you will find getting your garden back to its summer best will be much easier and less time-consuming!  If you would like any help and advice with upgrading your paving and patios in Guernsey, contact the Bernie’s Gardening Services team today and we will happily give you a free quote!  Keep you eyes peeled for more handy hints and tips for keeping your gardens, patios and paving in top condition for the changing seasons.