Top 5 patio design ideas

Have you ever wanted to do more with your current patio but aren’t sure what? Or perhaps you have outdoor space which is wasted and you want to make more of it? Here are five patio design ideas which were originally published on which may give you some inspiration…

A good patio design can transform your outdoor living space – not just in terms of making it more visually appealing but also by adding practical touches that ensure it works for your lifestyle. Get it right, and it will be like adding another room to the house. The best garden patio ideas for your home will depend on the size and shape of the space you have available, but there are an infinite number of ways to create a beautiful outdoor area that you will want to spend time in. The first thing to do is to think about what you actually want from your patio, then look at what type of designs will incorporate the aesthetic and practical elements you need to achieve your goals. Whether you have the grandest of gardens or the smallest of spaces, it’s possible to bring eye-catching concepts to your garden that will enhance both your home and your lifestyle.

Here are 5 of our favourite inspiring patio designs to get you started.

1. Use patterned patio designs to catch the eye
Looking to indulge your creative flair? There are so many ways you can apply it outdoors – whether it’s through attractive planting, stylish furniture or making the most of your patio layout. However, in the best garden patio designs, all three of these areas should work in harmony, starting with your patio slab designs.
If you’re looking to create a distinctive look, then check out our range of materials for different paver patio ideas. Doing your homework will allow you to get a sense of all the different materials, styles and patterns you can utilise to set a beautiful and eye-catching foundation for your outdoor space.
Explore different shapes and tones of patio stones to find a look that aligns with your garden furniture and planters. While the key to patio design is often in the pattern, don’t forget kerb stones to give your paving a neat and tidy finish.

2. Personalise your patio design
One of the fundamental features of both interior and exterior design is making your home a reflection of who you are. The colours, textures and styles you use in your home decor echo your unique personality – and your patio design ideas should be no different. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of you to your garden, no matter how weird or wonderful it is. Personalising your space by adding quirky touches will reflect your personality and make the space feel even more in tune with your way of living.

3. Use bold stone patio ideas to stand out
Sometimes it makes sense to be bold and attempt something remarkable – particularly when you have a large area to work with. You can create stunning garden patio designs by incorporating strong colours into a space. Of course, it’s important not to go too bold. If you’re using a prominent colour as the base of your patio build, you don’t want to go overboard with other areas of your design. Be clean and consistent with your patio edging ideas and the furniture and planting you use to complement the space. Consider your lighting options carefully as well as, with the right ambience, you can achieve a wonderfully intimate setting once the sun has set.

4. Create a natural patio
Natural materials feature regularly in amazing patio ideas UK-wide. If you love the look and feel of organic layouts, natural stone paving could be the perfect choice for your patio. Whatever style of natural stone paving you choose, it’s guaranteed to bring a warm and welcoming feel to any kind of garden design, while delivering a premium look.

5. Introduce levels to your patio with steps
Why not take your patio, quite literally, to another level? Incorporating steps into raised patio designs has always offered both aesthetic and practical benefits. Not only are they a great way to add character and flair to an outdoor space, but they also provide practical demarcation between areas and an impressive passage from your home to the outside. They can also provide protection to other parts of you garden, such as grassy areas, to ensure they continue to look their best.

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