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As Andy Williams once sang, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…!” and our homes are gradually getting trimmed up ready for Christmas. Over the years, it has become more and more common to see gardens sparkling with christmas lights and festive decorations. Take some inspiration from the suggestions below of ways to decorate your outside space which were originally posted on…

Mix light sources – Consider changing year-round bulbs with lower wattage ones to let twinkle lights immerse the outdoor space in their soft glow.
Wrap hedges. It is best that you opt for net lights – they might be a tad more expensive than strand lights but they offer convenience and precision of installation which saves time and is worth the investment.
Dress up trees – Create a consistent stopping point along each of the trees, regardless of the difference in height. The twinkle lights should be wrapped at approximately the same height to create symmetry and give the composition balance.
Bedeck the door – add lights to your wreath or garlands.
Light walkways – Adorn small shrubs and / or trees around walkways with a few strands of lights so as to not make them visible from the street but still serve as a sophisticated pointer to your guests.
Use lights on timers – Consider timer activation for a low-maintenance approach to exterior holiday lighting. An average-sized home will require between two and four 1500-watt plug-in modules to keep the exterior safely lit and perfectly timed. Options vary in style but most simply plug into an exterior outlet.
String lights and greenery – Wrap light strands around a column or post with Christmas greenery or a garland to hide the wires.
Use shapes – Group Moravian stars in odd numbers, placing them randomly on tree branches to create an alluring glow. With their graphic shapes, the stars bring diversity into the monotony of Christmas lights along the house and hedges.
Put lights in baskets and jars – Reveal the inner glow of an ordinary basket with a 100-bulb string of small pearl lights. Place them inside coiled vine baskets, fill it with clear plastic ornaments and top it with a 50-bulb strand of small white lights. Or, just put the light strands in mason jars and display them across the porch to make a stunning glowing garland.
Make Christmas light orbs – Wrap spheres of grapevines with Christmas lights and scatter them across a coat of freshly fallen snow or position them along front steps. These glowing balls add an ethereal touch to an exterior space for a truly magical holiday.

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